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GUIDE GURU, LLC. is a fully licensed and insured tour company providing tours for cruise passengers and independent visitors coming to St. Petersburg since 2007. We are registered under MBT 010048 with the Russian Federal Agency of Tourism and can provide visa-free tours for cruise passengers arriving in St. Petersburg.

The company name "GUIDE-GURU" is reflective of our wealth of knowledge, wisdom and expertise in creating and planning custom private  tours. We are far more than just tour providers. We are experts dedicated in helping you discover the cultural treasures of Russia.
Many of our customers say things like: "you exceeded our expectations", "your tours made our cruise", "your tours made our trip an incredible experience". The key factor here is the unparalleled quality of our GUIDES, each of which is a credit to our company.

We strongly believe 'It is the guide, not the company, that makes or breaks the tour'. Even a well-planned itinerary can be ruined when you hire a wrong guide. We value your potentially 'once in a lifetime' experience of traveling to Russia and view it as our job to make sure you enjoy your trip to the utmost.

To become one of our Guru Guides, it is a MUST to have a great command of a foreign language. Our guides speak perfect English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, French, Chinese. They are very cultured people with University educations along with special guide training diplomas. Our guides pass annual exams to qualify for their status and keep their museum licenses up to date. Moreover, they are characteristically open, friendly, and unbeat, with broad perspectives and charming personalities.

No doubt, you will feel SAFE, COMFORTABLE and RELAXED travelling with us!

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